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Usage Examples Of Good Pictures Lion Tattoo

Usage Examples Of Good Pictures Lion Tattoo......................

Tattoos –History and Purpose

Tattoos –History and Purpose

Tattoos for Girls - Sexy places for Tattooing Read more:


Maui Tattoo

Maui Tattoo

American Virgin Tattoo Style

 American Virgin Tattoo Style

Dragon Tattoo Collection II

My Stars Tattoo

Sexy gal with colorful flower tattoo

Flowers in all their myriad diversity and color have and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Mostly favored by women, the flower tattoos are like clothes

, accessories, the only difference is that you can wear your tattoos to bed. It’s like having these beautiful images with you all the time which not only enhances ones beauty but also acts as symbol of birth, life, procreation, death and rebirth. I think this tattoo is really awesome and is making this gal look more appealing, sexier, more feminine and powerful.

Tattoo Sewing Mania

Getting a pair of scissors etched doesn’t imply that you’re passionate about something in particular, but getting a pair of scissors, needle and a thread etched definitely speaks for something. Your passion for sewing, does it? Well, I think yes, and I’m sure many of you out there are nodding head in consent. Whatever be the reason this tattoo fanatic has for getting inked but y’all will surely agree with me that it’s indeed a neat piece of art.

Red heart with pricking nails tattoo

Yet another red heart tat, not broken, this time with pricking nails, that’s what we can presume! It’s a Tim Burton voodoo girl heart tattoo done by Gary at Bodyline in Glasgow. Would love to ask the tattooist or the tattoo freak wearing the tat as to what’s the significance of pricking pins? Does it mean hurt and pain in the heart? Whatever be the reason or significance of the tattoo but personally I liked it.

Human evolution tattoo

 Human evolution tattoo


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