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Printable Tattoo Designs Artwork

What to Look For in the Artwork You See

Printable Tattoo Designs ArtworkThere are a lot of truly good printable tattoo designs out there. There is also a boat load of terribly generic stuff out there, which drastically reduces your chances of finding the places that have the good artwork. Here's how you can tell if you're in some half generic gallery, or at a website that take pride in having original, high quality printable tattoo designs.

The very first thing you should do is take a look at their information page, or their about us page. You need to see if they are actually labeling their artists names, or at list listing them. If a gallery isn't afraid to tell you who the actual artists are, that means they will have mostly original, top notch printable tattoo designs. On the flip side of this, if they don't list artists, that gallery probably just steals generic artwork from anywhere they can get it and plops it on their pages.

Next, pull up one page of their artwork. Is it all flash designs? Flash looks very pretty and people can make some amazing looking designs in this format. The truth is that flash very rarely looks anything like what you see on paper. Once you ink a flash design on your skin, it will look completely different than what you see on paper, which is not a good thing. 95% of the time, it will look drastically worse than what you imagined it would. You don't want to mess around with those types of printable tattoo designs, unless you have an artist redraw it.

Hand or computer drawn artwork is always the way to go. Real artists know how to make a design that will look the same once it's tattooed onto someone's skin. That's the type of artwork you want to pick from. If the gallery lists the artists on their site, you can grab those names and do some quick research to see where else they've submitted artwork, which is an awesome way to gather even more printable tattoo designs. You won't believe how many sensational galleries you can find this way.

By Adam Woodham

Printable Tattoo Designs Artwork

Printable Tattoo Designs Artwork

PictureTattoo Shading

The Key Secret To Great Tattoos!

PictureTattoo ShadingTattooing is a booming industry and growing every single day. Now there are even TV shows dedicated to the art that are catching fire. When you look around, tattoos are everywhere! Now you see them on people you know, see them in advertisements, and even on famous celebrities. So what makes a great tattoo? Of course it is great design, but there is one very big component that is critical to a really stunning and beautiful tattoo.

What is this component to a great tattoo?

Tattoo shading is the part of the tattoo where a two dimensional tattoo becomes a three dimensional tattoo. It is the part of the tattoo where flat lines take shape and holds a certain degree of depth to make the tattoo "pop" out. There is even a whole style of tattoo shading now that focuses only on black and grey color, just black and white.

If a tattoo artist does not learn the technical yet critical aspect of tattoo shading, then a tattoo just falls flat. It is as simple as that. This one aspect of tattooing can be learned but it takes some real practice and some technical skill. Mastering tattoo shading and becoming known for doing great black and grey tattoos can really boost a tattoo artists reputation in the tattoo industry. Those who have mastered tattoo shading at an expert level are very well revered and respected.

Now there are great information resources online to help aspiring tattoo artists. Of course, the best way to really learn the skills is through an apprenticeship, but gaining the basic knowledge is first and foremost of importance. Learning all you can about tattoo shading and other steps in the tattoo process are key and luckily information is gaining in popularity. An example of a great source or brand for tattoo information is "The Ultimate Tattoo Guide" series. These guides help budding tattoo artists get the basic tattoo knowledge needed to start tattooing including aspects like tattoo shading, etc.

So if you want to break into doing great tattoos that will get make people turn their heads, it is CRITICAL to master the art of tattoo shading. Without it, a tattoo is just not a real tattoo...a piece of real art.

By Stephen Brown

PictureTattoo Shading

PictureTattoo Shading

PictureTattoo Shading

PictureTattoo Shading


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