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New Butterfly Tattoo Art

New Butterfly Tattoo Art
Butterfly tattoo art is becoming one of the most popular and requested tattoo designs, especially among women. More than 50% of the female "tattoo population" have some type of butterfly design, whether it be on their back, ankle, or chest. And for a good reason. Butterflies are unmatched in their intrinsic yet peculiar designs and beauty.

There are many speculated reasons for this surge of popularity, and many believe butterflies are just beautiful in general, and that is reason enough. However, there are others who look deeper into the issue. They believe there is strong connection or symbolism behind the butterfly.

To most cultures, a butterfly is symbolic of starting anew, or birth of new life. There are also many cultures who symbolize the butterfly as the instability and impermanence of earthly life. The life of a butterfly is very unstable, as it starts it's life as a grotesque catipillar and turns into a beautiful butterfly. This process has captivated the ancient cultures, as they believed this process was very similar of one's journey from an earthly body to a heavenly one. Early Greek cultures also used butterfly wings to symbolize the human soul or pysche.

Whatever the reason is, butterfly tattoo art is growing in popularity. Some find that finding the right butterfly tattoo design is overwhelming, due to the immense amount of variety available. These designs gain root from each species of butterfly: Plum Judy, Spicebush Swallowtail, Lime Butterfly, Small White, Green-veined White, Common Jezebel, Karner Blue, Xerces Blue, Painted Lady or Cosmopolite, Lange's Metalmark Butterfly, Common Yellow Swallowtail, and the ever famous Monarch butterfly. Although one doesn't need to know the individual species in order to design their tattoo, it might help to pick a few of your favorite types so the tattoo artist can best fit your wants and needs.

Tattoo Asian Trendy

Tattoo Asian Trendy

Tattoo Asian is incredibly one of the most common and popular tattoo types being used around the globe when it comes to body art as a whole. Although there’s been a drastic shift in the trends and perceptions about different tattoos in the societies, tattoos still are stereotyped as a stamp of being different from the society. People who wear tattoos were taken as followers of individualistic approach and are usually tagged as rebels. For example in China, tattoos were used to trample a prisoner for criminal offense and to differentiate him from the civilians as being a criminal. However the contemporary view is very opposite. Now tattoo is a sign of being “young”, “creative” and somebody who’s is “passionate” about life.

Among all the tattoo types the one we are discussing i.e. tattoo Asian is popular on it’s being expressive yet elegant at the same time. There are several categories, which depict different themes. For example definitively speaking about femininity which may sound different to different people, is a certain whimsical softness; to others it may mean a quality of female elegance and style, to others still it can have a more modern meaning of strength and power. Feminine tattoos are an artistic depiction of both a certain amount of delicacy and the firmness that goes hand-in-hand with getting any piece of body art.

Tattooing is used for various purposes including spiritual and decorative like it’s used in Japan. There it is considered as one of the most important type of art which includes most abstract writings to their simple language. Today it is also considered as one of the coolest body markings of all the time. From having abstract pictures to decorate their body, people are now moving back towards the relatively older culture of tattoo Asian.

Buddha Tattoo Symbol Of The Religion

It’s true that the emergences of the tattoos were from the prisoners and this activity was started by the criminals of different types. Sanskrit is a classical Indian language. Sanskrit tattoo are basically emerged by the Indians. These are considered as the part of their culture
by the Indians.

Most of the Indians like to use the Sanskrit tattoos to display their favorite religious quotes. These quotes were may be from Buddhism, Hinduism and the other ancient works of eastern people. A personal philosophy was and is still reflected by these quotes. Sometimes the individuals have their own personal philosophy and that was signified by these tattoos.One of the attractions of the tattoos Sanskrit is that it is written in verses form. It gives it an added value to the Sanskrit tattoos and the extra attractiveness and beauty.

Some of the verses that have been pierced in Sanskrit are:

* The wise lament neither for the living or the dead
* No one can destroy the imperishable soul
* For the soul there is no birth and death
* Charity, self control, sacrifice

Chinese and Japanese Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Chinese and Japanese Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are one of the most popular designs all over the world. It can go in any category, whether abstraction, naturalistic, dedication, stylized or combination tattoos.

Throughout history, dragon tattoos have never been out of fashion and had been used as a symbol in some parts of the world. It can be drawn as menacing or regal depending on your choice of design.

Dragon tattoos come in two popular forms: the Chinese or Japanese dragon of the east with its long, snake-like body and the European dragon of the west with its powerful wings and long neck. The European dragon usually symbolizes power and fear, a depiction of evil where as the Chinese dragon usually symbolizes unity and conformity, a depiction of good.

You can find many different designs of dragon tattoos in different forms and colors. Some of these dragon designs have additional background scenery where they are depicted flying in the clouds, swimming in the ocean, crawling on top of mountains or ravaging small villages. But the most common depiction of a dragon is being done as tribal dragon tattoos due to both its simplicity (the majority color being in either black or gray with the additional color to highlight the dragon) and its complexity.


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