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Chinese Tattoos Calligraphy

Have you noticed the writings on the pots and plates in the Chinese restaurants? Even their chopsticks, dresses, and other accessories were designed with Chinese calligraphy. It's so nice to see and use those china wares with artistic writings. It's like eating in an emperor's palace.

You can't help but notice the different strokes of the brush used in every writings and paintings. It's as if every single word is an art to master. I can't stop wandering if all Chinese were calligraphers. Even my kids asked me the same questions.

Maybe we can learn their skills in doing the calligraphy. I read that there are special learning centers for these kind of skills. Even though we are not Chinese, they would still teach us the different steps of calligraphy.

Would you like to enhance the artistic side of you through the well known oriental Chinese calligraphy? You can create your own designs that you can put on your personal things such as hankies, bags, wallets, notebooks and many other things. You can also give your own creation of Chinese calligraphy gifts for your loved ones and friends.

There are many ways you can make use of this art and have fun while doing it. One way is by painting or writing the names of all family members on a piece of cloth and put it on top of your center table. At first, they will not recognize the names because the art appears to be an abstract one.

Try convincing them to learn the calligraphy by asking them 'What's your name look like when written in Chinese calligraphy?' They would surely agree and, without your knowing, they are already on their way to writing their own names.

When they finally learned how to write their own names, they would eventually recognize that the abstract art painted on the table cloth is their names in calligraphy. You could even print out tattoos on transfer paper.

Another way is if you want to make your mugs personalized for each family member, you can paint their name on their favorite colored mugs. When you serve their breakfast drinks every morning, they would be delighted to see their names on it. This could also motivate them to finish their drinks before going to school or to the office.

Your family will really appreciate your effort and your skills of calligraphy. You don't have to be an oriental native to be able to practice this form of art.

This type of oriental arts were appreciated and recognized around the world. Many people are attracted to this art of writing, especially if their own name was the object of this art. They would even shout out loud that it was their names written in Chinese.

There are many kinds of this art already exhibited around the world. Some work of arts and master pieces were well-known and some were ignored.

We don't have to be an artist to be able to relate to this art. Just as long as we appreciate the art itself, we are already artists in our own way.

sexy girl with tattoo butterfly on thigh very sexy and beautiful girl with tattoo on arm and thigh waoow.. very sexy

sexy girl butterfly tattoo on lower body very sexy

sexy girl arm tattoo and thigh tattoo

sexy girl with tattoo butterfly on thigh very sexy and beautiful girl with tattoo on arm and thigh waoow.. very sexy

Nice Japanese Tattoo Designs

Nice Japanese Tattoo Designs

Nice Japanese Tattoo Designs

When you use one to look for Japanese tattoo designs, all engines give you is list of generic galleries. As you can tell by now, this doesn't work. It's because most of them are reliant on search engines to find them.

That's easy to answer. Do you know "why" so many people are having this problem of pulling up original, quality drawn tattoos? It's a tiny bit too late by that point, though, as the artwork is already firmly etched on their body. That's a shame, because many of those men and women will end up regretting doing that.

In fact, a lot of people will end up giving up ad picking one of those generic Japanese tattoo designs they find, simply because they were not able to find anything better. This rarely works out like they want, though. So many people are wasting their free time digging through sites that have thousands of generic tattoos, hoping that they run into a half decent design. What's the point of looking for your next tattoo if all you see is cookie cutter stuff?

I'm going to provide you with an easy solution to this, so you can find all the great Japanese tattoo designs you can handle. There is a big problem occurring, because most people just aren't able to locate the sites that have good, crisp, quality drawn artwork. Not all artwork is like that, though. I am sure you have seen some hideous and very generic Japanese tattoo designs.

The Dragon Tattoos in All Shapes and Sizes

The Dragon Tattoos in All Shapes and Sizes

The Dragon Tattoos in All Shapes and Sizes

If you are just looking for a cool dragon tattoo, the galleries will have about the biggest selection of dragon tattoos around, and access is usually less than what one tattoo costs to have put on your skin, so check them out, and find the one perfect dragon or group of dragons you want to spend the rest of your life with, instead of just picking something off the tattoo shops limited example wall. Most will have a description of the tattoo, and which culture or legend influenced its creation, and what each dragon means or represents in your culture. Online tattoo galleries are a great place to see the types of tattoos, arranged by types. The types of dragons differ between cultures, so you might want to do some research if you are planning to get a tattoo that represents your culture.

Some have even been made into full body tattoos. The tattoos can appear as one large dragon, and have been made as sleeves and half sleeves, comprised of many different types and colors of dragons. Dragon tattoos can range from a single dragon, to large groups inked together. They are also one of the most popular and customizable types of tattoos currently available. They appear in fiction from many different time periods also, and take many shapes, sizes, and have numerous color patterns, and are known by many differing names, depending on which culture the legends are from.

Dragon Tattoos Design Many different cultures from all over the world have legends and stories about dragons.

Josh's Black Widow Tattoo Dangles on His Arm

Not much to elaborate here on Josh's black widow spider tattoo. His girlfriend was nicknamed Spider, so it seemed appropriate to have one tattooed om his left forearm.

This was inked by Pat at Pat's Tattooing Studio in Farmingville, New York.

Thanks to Josh for sharing his Black Widow tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

ink tattoo designs

The Beauty of Celtic Tattoo Designs

Celtic tattoo designs are among the top favorite tattoo design choices among people who want to get inked. Celtic tattoos, with its beautiful knots and symbolisms, are very intricate and interesting pieces that are sure to capture any person’s attention. It not only is pleasing to the eyes, but it actually packs a lot of history, culture and heritage into the design.

The history of the Celts goes back thousands of years ago. At some point, the whole of Europe was actually Celtic, and England was governed completely by the Celts. They had their own language, culture, and religion. The symbols that they used during those ages served as the basis for today’s modern Celtic tattoos.

Originally, the Celtic people worshipped several gods and goddesses but as time passed, they were eventually exposed to Christianity. This change is evident in the symbols and shapes that they use, which incorporated many Christian elements such as crosses and stars. Most of the Celtic tattoo designs used today were also based on symbols form illuminated manuscripts and ancient art from England, Scotland and Ireland.

The Celtic warriors covered their bodies with tattoos as a sign of their courage and strength. During wars, they went to battles bare-chested so their tattoos can easily be seen by their enemies. It was thought that their tattoos could instill fear and intimidation in their rivals and enemies, and they wore it proudly. During those times, having numerous tattoos was a sign of fearlessness and bravery.

Today, Celtic tattoo designs have evolved, incorporating several traditional Celtic symbols into the tattoo. Most of these designs were customized to portray the different representations in Celtic art.

A prominent feature that makes Celtic tattoo designs a favorite is its intricate and elaborate knot work. These knots look like interwoven ropes or vines and are usually designed to form a certain shape or pattern for the tattoo. The possibilities are virtually endless, as these knots can be made to form any shape from the simplest crosses and circles, to the more complicated stars and other combinations. And what’s especially interesting about this knot is that it forms a complete cycle, and there’s basically neither beginning nor end to a Celtic knot. It just goes on an on to form your desired tattoo design.

If you’re one of those individuals fascinated with Celtic tattoo designs or if you have a Celtic heritage and you want to express your pride in being a Celt, getting this tattoo is definitely for you. However, you must keep in mind that because of its intricacies, not many tattoo artists can give you the precise line placement and details needed to ink an impressive Celtic tattoo. It is usually one of the tougher tattoo designs and if you want to get inked, it helps to choose the right tattoo artist who has a lot of experience in inking Celtic designs.

Celtic tattoo designs are beautiful tattoos for those who have an eye for detail and intricate art work, and for those who appreciate the rich history and culture that comes along with it.

Sun Tattoo Designs

Sun Tattoos

Sun tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos in the world right now. These amazing pieces of art look great almost anywhere on the body. Sun tattoo designs are perfect for your back, arm, leg or any other part of your body. A poll conducted online in January 2008 estimated that 14% of all adults in the United States have at least one tattoo. Tattoos are popular all over the world, especially among men and women aged 18-29.

If you are interested in getting a sun tattoo (or any other kind), it's a great idea to sign up for an account at an online tattoo gallery. These websites allow you to view thousands of professional tattoo designs, making it easy for you to choose the tattoo of your dreams. Due to the expense involved in getting a tattoo and because a tattoo is perminent for life, spending a few dollars on a membership to one of these websites is well worth the money.

Chopper Tattoo and TattooMeNow are the best tattoo design galleries online. Both websites feature large tattoo databases with dozens of amazing sun tattoos and thousands of other designs. Whether you are planning to get one tattoo or one dozen, I urge you to visit both of these websites and join the one you think will help you find the best sun tattoo design.

Hollywood celebrities Tattoo

Hollywood celebrities Tattoo

Hollywood celebrities Tattoo

You can probably consider celebrities as unofficial brand ambassador for tattoos. Other stars such as Pharrel, 50 cents and Justin Timberlake too have been sporting tattoos as a tool for expression. Even rock bands have been found to sport tattoos giving a further push to the popularity of this art.

Even one of the sexiest celebrities on Earth Johnny Depp has been known to sport tattoo on his arms which a number of fans have emulated. The trend of tattoos started catching up with Hollywood celebrities in the sixties and as far as I can remember Janis Joplin was one of the first celebrities who got tattooed by Lyle Tuttle who is considered to be the forefather of American tattooing. One of the biggest stars who carry tattoos with élan is Angelina Jolie and has been know to wear a number of tattoos all around her body. Over the years tattoos have caught rage with Hollywood celebrities to such an extent that more than these stars their tattoos are getting more attention.

Traditional Japanese Tattoo Art

Sexy Japanese Dragon Tattoo Art

Japanese Geisha Tattoo Design

Japanese Skull Tattoo Design

Tracy's Indian God

I approached Tracy in Penn Station to ask her about the large Shiva tattoo on her right arm.

However, the piece wasn't finished, so she rolled up her left pant leg to display this intricate tattoo:

She couldn't remember which god this is, in the Hindu pantheon. I'm going to guess it is Brahma, the Creator, but I will entertain corrections, especially if I'm wrong.

Tracy loves Asian art and similarly loved this design.

It was inked in about four hours at Brooklyn Tattoo by Robert. Work from Brooklyn Tattoo has appeared previously on Tattoosday here.

Thanks to Tracy for sharing her amazing tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Shoulder Tattoo Designs
Shoulder Tattoo Designs
Shoulder Tattoo Designs
Searching for any kind of tattoo on the net can be difficult but it seems to be especially difficult when you are looking for shoulder tattoo designs. most of the time an internet search will only return the standard cookie cutter designs, and thats not really what you are looking for as a discerning individual But wait a second, its not all doom and gloom, let me show you how to source real, high quality shoulder tattoo designs among many others.

First of all, lets assume one thing, we aren't going to use the normal search engines to look for shoulder tattoo designs. No, my friends, the generic tattoo designs will not do at all, thats why we will be using a specialist website that's dedicated to all things tattoo.
Shoulder Tattoo DesignsShoulder Tattoo Designs
The internet now has several large tattoo specific websites that enable you to find almost any design you are looking for, including those elusive shoulder tattoo designs. you can find every conceivable design you would ever need using these sites and most of them offer many other features such as uploading your own design for others to see and possibly even improve on. The best part of these websites are the forums, at least in my opinion.

Recently, i was looking for some shoulder tattoo designs since I fancied getting some more ink done, and i just couldn't find anything that I liked. I decided to join one of these sites and i wasn't disappointed. Within a couple of days I had made contact with a tattoo artist who was only an hour away from me who said he could provide the exact design i was looking for. I reckon that the website membership was worth every cent as the end result was better than i could ever have dreamt of.

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Black Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Black tribal dragon tattoos are wonderful choices for any tattoo fan, so take a look at the tattoo art designs that are available and find the one that suits you the best! In your mind, what is your dragon tattoo doing? When you are looking at black tribal dragon tattoos, make sure that you find a design that really speaks to you. You'll also find that these tattoo designs can be quite lovely simply placed on a calf, bicep or forearm.

If you are considering black tribal dragon tattoos, remember that you will also need to think about placement. The first thing that you should consider when you are looking at black tribal dragon tattoos is that the bigger the dragon tattoo is, the more room you will have for detail. If you are considering black tribal dragon tattoos, and good tattoo art there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. These dragon tattoo designs combine the strength and fierceness of the tribal tattooing style along with the sinuous grace and curves of the serpentine dragons, and if you are looking for dragon tattoos that reveals a great deal of your own personality and strengths, this may be the one for you.

When you are looking for a tattoo design that is both tough and classy, you'll find that you might be looking for black tribal dragon tattoos

Water blue full back tattoo images

Water blue full back tattoo images

Water blue tattoo designs, or tattoo designs where water is a prominent feature are both very old and very popular across a wide variety of tattoo genres.

The world was once thought to be composed of the four basic elements of water, fire, earth and air. In both the West and the East, there are many symbols associated with the different elements.

The four elements still maintain a powerful symbolism within the overall realm of imaginative experience and are thought to still possess a strong correspondence to internal states and emotions.

Erika Sports Some Amazing Art and Design

Erika is the first person, in over two years of inkspotting, who asked, jokingly, "Were you stalking me?"

News to my readers: I don't stalk people. I may have followed someone a block or two until I've caught up with them, but following someone longer just seems creepy, and I will bail out on a tattoo if I can't catch up to someone.

But what I told Erika in Penn Station made her laugh.

"I was about to approach someone else about their tattoo," I confessed, "but you walked by and yours was much better."

She appreciated my honesty and showed me the tattoo that had so intrigued me:

She found this artwork online from an artist named Tim Biedron. She was drawn to this piece because it "looked different and deranged". The detail is phenomenal as well. It reminds me a bit of Picasso's iconic mural Guernica. I believe it is based on his 2003 piece "Catch and the Click Beetle":

This tattoo is on her right shoulder and on her left bicep she has this amazing tattoo:

It's based on a work by Shepard Fairey, an artist and graphic designer who is most famous for designing the Obama "HOPE" campaign poster. I believe this is the original source material, part of Fairey's retired "Stencil Collage" collection:

Both tattoos were inked by John Torres in Yonkers.

Thanks to Erika for sharing her amazing tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

Celtic Design Tattoos

Celtic Design TattoosCeltic Design Tattoos

Celtic Design TattoosPopular Celtic Design Tattoos

Celtic Design TattoosNew Celtic Design Tattoos

He thought that the tattoo During the war, they went to war bare-chested tattoos so easily seen by their enemies. Celtic warriors who cover their bodies with tattoos as a sign of their courage and strength. Most Celtic tattoo designs used today are based on the form of symbols illuminated manuscripts and ancient art from the UK, Scotland and Ireland. This change is evident in the forms and symbols that they use, which incorporated many elements such as Christian crosses and stars.

Initially, some people in the Celtic god and goddess worship, but as the time, they finally hit Christianity. With the symbol that they used for age served as the basis for today's modern Celtic tattoos. They have their own language, culture, and religion. At some point, all of Europe was Celtic, and English have been set entirely by Celts. History of the Celts will be back thousands of years ago.

Not only with the eyes, but actually packs a lot of history, culture and heritage into the design. Celtic tattoos, with the beautiful and symbolisms knots, is very complex and interesting pieces that are sure to catch everyone's attention. Celtic tattoo designs between the top of the tattoo design choice favorite among those who want to get inked.

design cross tattoo and butterfly tattoo by RandomAsburian and this design cool for lower back tattoo, back body tattoo, upper back tattoo, arm tattoo

design cross tattoo and butterfly tattoo by RandomAsburian and this design cool for lower back tattoo, back body tattoo, upper back tattoo, arm tattoo, hand tattoo, and foot tattoo designdesign cross tattoo and butterfly tattoo by RandomAsburian and this design cool for lower back tattoo, back body tattoo, upper back tattoo, arm tattoo, hand tattoo, and foot tattoo design

How To Find Eye-Catching Attractive Chinese Tattoos

Many tattoo enthusiasts are really interested and intrigued by Chinese tattoos. Sometimes these tattoos signify different emotions or meaning which appears as a mystery to others.

But if you really want to get those eye-catching Chinese tattoos that have always attracted your attention whenever someone passes you, then you don't have to worry now. You might already been searching hard for it or just trying to design your own but it just come out as totally different.

So what you need is really a way on how to find your eye-catching attractive Chinese tattoos every time you want. Below I will show you some methods on how to get them.

1. Photographs

You can always find some photos with Chinese characters on them. These photos will make excellent sources for Chinese tattoos. You can always go to Chinatown and take photos of those Chinese characters which catches you attention. In time, these photos can sometimes inspire new Chinese tattoo designs.

2. Libraries

People often forget about this huge resource that they have at their disposal. Go to any community library and find those Chinese tattoos books. Don't forget about the magazines too. These are excellent resources that are free to you.

3. Other Tattoo Enthusiasts

You can get to know other tattoo enthusiasts by hanging around long enough in those tattoo shops. If you are comfortable about striking up conversations with strangers, then you can go up to anyone with some nice Chinese tattoos and compliment him or her about that design. Follow up the conversation and end with a question like, "May I know where I can get that tattoo design done?" or "May I take a photograph of your tattoo?" You'll be surprised at how great the people respond your requests.

4. Websites

Now it can be quite hard to find chinese tattoos design websites out there. With determination, you can still find them. These sites normally blend into the search results among those paid design sites. So once you find one you can stick to that for some time as it's quite hard to come across one that will provide you with Chinese tattoos designs.

Well, if you want to really search for Chinese tattoos without all the hassles of searching for inspirations through photos, traveling to local libraries, chat up with people and you want it readily compiled for you maybe in a website so that you can easily print it out if you like it. Then I do have a great resource that has helped me all along these years. But I'm sure you can also find them on your own but you just need to search more thoroughly in the internet.

Printable Tattoo Designs

Printable Tattoo Designs

Printable Tattoo Designs

The best picture of Printable Tattoo Designs

Welsh Red Dragon Tattoo

Welsh Red Dragon Tattoo

Welsh Red Dragon Tattoo

Folklore says that red dragon represents Wales and the white dragon represents the invading Saxons. The Welsh national flag has a dragon on it it has two equal horizontal stripes, white above green, and a large red dragon passant. The red dragon and dragon tattoo art has been prominent in the folklore of most cultures, so many physical characteristics are present or absent in great variations around the world and include combinations of numerous animals. A symbol with a rich and ancient heraldic past, the Welsh dragon tattoo design contain a fascinating history - just one of the many reasons it makes such a wonderful and powerful tattoo symbol that represents Welsh heritage.

The Welsh Red Dragon is one of the single most popular tattoo designs for those of Welsh heritage and family roots in Wales, as popular as the Rampant Lion is with the Scots, or the Lion Standard with the English.

Rose Tattoo Designs

Rose Tattoo Designs

Rose Tattoo Designs

For most people, roses signify love, passion and emotion - so this design can be used in a number of different contexts. rose tattoo is one that's transcended the gender barriers and can be found almost equally on men and women.


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