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Alyssa Milano tattoo

Alyssa Milano. Who Is The Boss Anyway?Depending on how old or young you are you might or might not remeber the little hottie 11 year old that played Samantha on Who's The Boss. If you were born in the 1970's then the chances are you do remeber her and thought she was a little hottie. If you were born after the 1970's then you might know her from her more recent television sucess on Charmed

Sexy flowers back tattoos

Flowers tattoo

Permanent Tribal Tattoo on low back Body

Pretty girl with tattoo tribal in all the body

Cute girl cute tattoo

Betelnut girl 檳榔西施 with tattoo 2

Sexy Foot Tattoo Design

Mermaid Tattoo: Design with Full Of Art

update, downturn

Yes i know I'm a sonuvabich. haint poted in way too long. But da snow she has come to coastal Maine this weekend. I went and Spun records at the martini bar in Bangor (really, people go out in downtown bangor these days!)I will be playing again on Dec. 20th from 10-1 (no cover) with MAGNUS & DJPARADISE (me) an all dub show, in Westmarket Square Bangor at RED MARTINI. and yes i will put up some new photos. maybe even revamp the whole thing....


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