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Cross, Noodle (?), And Dreams of Ice Cream

Can someone explain ? Or was it supposed to be just random, if the second option is correct, this one should be considered a masterpiece

Black Panther

It always turns out like this ...

Victim Of A Wrong Kanji Tattoo

From the source :

"It's a bit heartbreaking for us just to see a picture like this. Do you see what we're talking about here?As you can see, the lady in this photo got a little Kanji tattooed on her belly. Maybe it looks fine to people who aren't so familiar with Japanese Kanji symbols. For her, it WAS supposed to be "wind" in Japanese Kanji, but in fact the the letter was placed REVERSELY by some inexperienced tattoo designer or someone who didn't pay much attention to the result. Otherwsie it is likely that she picked the Kanji symbol from one of those web sites for free to save money"

Let's Have A Quiz 6

hmmm ... his birthday party ?

To young to die, to fast to Live

... and not enough spelling attention.

Old, Creepy Vegetable

Paprika ? Tomato ? Nevertheless it sure is ugly.


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